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Welcome to the website of Tergere 8830, a City of London Lodge of Freemasons.

Founded by brothers who were involved in the London Cleaning Industry in the seventies, Tergere now has members from many walks of life.

We have cleaners, bankers, engineers, salesmen and travel agents among our members and our Lodge is open to all of good character.

We share the masonic bonds of friendship and honour and we are dedicated to raising money for charity and having a good time doing it.

Freemasonry is a character building and generally rewarding pastime which benefits all.

Tergere meets in The Bakers Livery Hall in the City of London.This is a truly wonderful setting, steeped in history and atmosphere and is one of the famous City of London Livery halls, many of which date back centuries.

Freemasons are the largest charitable organisation in the U.K., after the National Lottery.

In past years Tergere has raised money for the Stroke association, Motor Nuerone, Parkinsons as well as Masonic Charities and this year we are raising money for Dogs for the Deaf.

London Freemasons of which Tergere are just one of many London Lodges, have purchased a Cyber Knife for Barts Hospital which is used to carry out operations which were previously impossible. The total cost of £2.5M will be raised by London Freemasons with £1.6M already collected. Barts is an NHS hospital, ensuring all are able to potentially benefit from this wonderful piece of cancer treatment equipment.

For more information on joining, whether a freemason already or someone who is interested in learning more about masonry, please contact me Doug Holloway by emailing info@londonfreemason.co.uk.

We can supply information on what is Freemasonry, who can become a Freemason and lots of other questions which you may have concerning Freemasonry in general and Tergere Lodge in particular.

Freemasonry is open to all men of 21 years or older, with special dispensation for those of 18 - 21 being avaialble. Ladies may also become Freemasons but Lodges are not mixed, and they have their own governing body.

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